Garment Care

Care for your essentials, and they will care for you in return. Please consult the washing and care labels situated within your garment for guidelines tailored to that specific product. For broader guidance, feel free to explore the suggestions listed below:


The following guidelines are applicable to a majority of our collection, including merchandise, trousers, base layers, and mid-layers.

Before washing, invert the garment to shield any external patches, buttons, or seams from wear and tear.

Utilize a gentle, non-bio detergent and conduct a low-temperature wash (30 degrees is ideal), accompanied by a low spin cycle. For fleece layers, we recommend reducing the frequency of washes and opting for hand washing using a delicate fabric detergent whenever possible.

Prioritize air-drying to maintain the garment's integrity – avoid placing it on a radiator or using a tumble dryer at high heat or for extended durations. When hanging garments to dry, ensure they are supported properly to prevent potential stretching.


Consistent upkeep is vital in preserving the efficacy of your water-resistant Andronika Collective jacket. Accumulation of dirt or body oils can over time undermine the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) layer that keeps you dry.

The frequency of reproofing your jacket largely hinges on its usage. As a rule of thumb, plan to reproof your jacket after 10 days of intensive use or 20 days of moderate use. If you notice the water no longer forms beads on the surface, it's a sign to reproof. Here's the step-by-step guide to do so:

  1. Get your jacket ready for washing: secure the main zip, open all pocket zips, loosen the drawstrings, and fasten the Velcro cuffs.
  2. Set the jacket for a normal heat and spin cycle with detergent, followed by an additional spin to remove leftover residue of the cleaning agent.
  3. Restore the DWR layer by washing the jacket once more with a product like Grangers® Performance Repel. Consider a spray-on treatment for addressing high-wear sections specifically.
  4. Revitalize the DWR coating by inducing heat, preferably through a machine dryer, until the jacket feels dry to the touch. The introduction of heat is a crucial step, as the DWR cannot fully reactivate without it.

For further guidance or inquiries on reproofing garments, feel free to reach out to Additionally, to differentiate between waterproof and water-resistant attributes, we invite you to visit our detailed blog here.