Life is unpredictable – sometimes products falter, and sometimes we are the cause of that wear and tear.

Andronika Collective Duco is a top-tier warranty policy unlike any other. Rest assured, should an issue arise with your item, our Assurance team is at the ready to support you.

If an Andronika Collective product happens to underperform due to a manufacturing mishap, the decision to either repair or replace the item falls under the judgment of our Assurance team. Kindly note that replacements are contingent on stock availability. We also retain the right to provide a full refund instead of replacing items under warranty.

To activate your Andronika Collective Duco coverage, forward an email to Support@Andronikacollective.com providing the following details:

  • Original purchase order number of the product;

  • Photos illustrating the product and the evident damage or material flaw;

  • Comprehensive details on the circumstances leading to the damage (Consider When? Where? How?); and

  • A brief on the care regimen followed during washing and drying of the product.

It's essential to understand that Andronika Collective may not cover damage resulting from: